Our Staff

Teacher/Administrator: Jennifer Lorek

I began my association with Fairview Park Preschool as a parent. It was called Fairview Park Nursery School then, and I loved the concept of a cooperative school where I could volunteer in the classroom and watch my child’s progress. I wanted to be able to see first hand how he interacted with the other children and behaved for other people, so that I would know for sure how he would “survive” kindergarten. It was a wonderful experience.

When my fourth, and youngest child graduated from FPP in 1997, the assistant teacher retired, and I came aboard as a teacher. In 2006, I extended my responsibilities and became the director. I think it’s safe to say that I have grown quite attached to this place! Sum and total, I have been a part of FPP for over 20 years, and I can’t see myself teaching anywhere else.

Before I had children, I was a high school social studies teacher in Olmsted Falls. But as my maternity leave stretched into a ten year hiatus, I found that little ones are an awful lot of fun. My family always jokes that I have way too much in common with three year olds. The transition from teaching adolescents to preschoolers was very easy. In all honesty, my approach to children of all ages is the same. It is not simply enough to love children, you must also appreciate them. People will do amazing things when they feel loved, appreciated and respected. I think FPP is truly a great beginning for your child!

Office Manager/Assistant Teacher 

Mary Cotofan

This is Mary's 3rd year as staff at Fairview Park Preschool.  She previously served on our parent board and is now our office manager and assistant teacher for both the 3's and 4's classes. Previously, she worked as project manager in academic book publishing after completing her graduate degree in American Culture Studies. She has an immense love of learning and believes in the value of education, which is why she chose a cooperative preschool for her children. She enjoys being able to interact and collaborate with Mrs. Lorek and the other parents and families at Fairview Park Preschool.