About Us

A Brief History...

Our school has been around for a very long time!


Originally formed by a group of moms in 1957, Fairview Park Playschool operated out of Bain Park Cabin as a more formal means of social interaction for their own children. It was designed to be more educational than a play group, but less restrictive than a drop-off nursery school. They wanted to be involved in the learning and socialization process of their kids: the cornerstone of the Cooperative Preschool movement!

Ten years later, the school moved into the second floor of Fairview Grace United Methodist Church as Fairview Park Nursery School. We have been there ever since.

Although our name has evolved over time, and our backdrop has changed, little has been altered in terms of our philosophy and reason for existence. Fairview Park Preschool is a cooperative early learning center that believes school should be a supplement to, not a substitute for the home. We are administered by involved and interested parents, who have enlisted the service of a skilled teacher to design the curriculum and organize the learning environment.


Our Purpose...

We exist to provide opportunities and activities for children:

  • to become socially cooperative in their play

  • to be independent thinkers responsible for their own actions

  • to discover their own unique abilities and strengths

  • to develop skills and values that lead to a life-long love of learning and commitment to community responsibility


As we are NOW...

Fairview Park Preschool is a non-sectarian, not-for-profit school. All revenue generated by the school via fundraisers, tuition and fees, goes directly toward the operation and sustenance of the school. Although we are located inside a church, we are not identified with any religion. We are merely tenants. 

Upcoming Events:

2019-2020 Open House

Jan. 24 6:30-8:00