Our school year begins in September and runs through May.


Program Features

The preschool curriculum may be defined as all the experiences through which the children learn while they are in school. The largest portion of each session is set aside for the children’s choice of activity, providing the necessary opportunities for an individualized approach. Some specific learning areas are:

  • Dramatic play with puppets and dolls.

  • Construction with blocks, workbench and sand table.

  • Multimedia with flannel board, beads and puzzles.

  • Art to provide the children with the opportunity to create and express feelings.

  • Library area provides a large variety of books.

  • Motor development is enhanced by use of the Fellowship Hall when more space is needed for running or large group games and exercises.

  • Music is provided through the use of rhythm instruments and singing with piano, tapes and records


Special Events

Field trips and resource persons brought into the classroom are planned for both age groups. Some of the recent field trips have included visits to an apple orchard, a pumpkin patch, Playhouse Square, the fire station, and to a kindergarten class. Other important events and parties may include:

  • Halloween Party

  • Thanksgiving Feast for the 4 year old classes

  • Christmas Party with special entertainment

  • Chinese New Year

  • Valentine’s Day Party

  • Easter Party

  • Father’s Sunday – a chance for children to show off their Dad

  • Birthday Celebration with one-man band

  • Reindeer Day

  • Patriotic Parade

  • Teddy Bear Day

  • Mother Goose Day

  • Mother’s Tea

  • Graduation ceremony for the 4 year old classes